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Fact of the day:

Who's Your Daddy was meant to be released on March 29th 2016, but then had to be delayed because it was still in its testing stage, until April 21th 2016.

Tip of the day:

Daddies: Try to lock as many cabinets as possible, especially the oven, before the baby comes into the kitchen. You can lock the cabinets with the cabinet locks, and you can lock the oven by clicking on the red button. Not the "CANCEL" button on the microwave.

Babies: Try to get as close to the air vent near your room as possible. The air vent should go from there to the kitchen. Now start eating and enjoy!

Trick of the day:

You can make babies and daddies go crazy by getting the Baby Disably item. Shock it to them and they will go CRAZY!!!!

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